Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AmberleighChronicles Blog Reset

s/ The Weekend Artist.   
Welcome to the Amberleigh Chronicles Blog.

Today we pushed the reset button and finished archiving the Weekend Artist's 2004-2012 blogs at  [At least those worth saving.]  We will be continuing the blog here at Blogspot. 

What started in 2004 and continues on to today [9 years and counting] is one person's journey through the twists and turns of learning how to draw, how to ink, how to write, how to digitally enhance, how to code, and how to navigate the Federal Copyright and Trademark systems.  In short, this is my attempt to make the graphic novel I originally envisioned in 1969. 

Where we are today: 
  • We have spent the last 8 years learning how to write, draw, ink, and publish. 
  • We have written reams of background material, the 1st adventure, and outlined the 2nd  adventure.
  • Volume 1: Prelude [12pp] has been drawn and published. 
  • Volume 2: Sketches of Heroes, detailing the 10 main characters, has been written, drawn, and published. 
  • Volume 3: Sketches of Villains, detailing the main villains and monsters, has been written, drawn, and published. 
  • We are working on the following skill sets:  Shading and style, layouts, and web coding. 

So far in 2012 we have seen:

Trademark approved
Amberleigh Chronicles is now a registered Trademark.  Go us!

Trademark warning
Be aware that private companies not associated with the USPTO often use trademark application and registration information from the USPTO’s databases to mail or e-mail trademark-related solicitations.  We have received 6 so far, with a total cost of over $10,000 if we had accidentally paid for all the “registrations.”  They may or may not be legal, but they definitely are NOT necessary.  

New Brushes
Just bought some great new digital brushes from Ray Dillon!  Gotta learn how to use them though…  Consider it at